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​Dexter's Music provdes many different products and services for our clients. We have provided
services for events such as Teen Dances  for both Public school and Highschool.
 University functions, World crosscountry races, Relay for Life, Weddings, Jack & Jills
Retirement parties, Birthday Parties, Karaoke Nights, Staff parties and More.

We have Karaoke packages avilable with a host or smaller house party DYI systems avilable.

Back yard Parties
Cottage Party

Kingston and the 1000 are filled with summer get aways whcih bring us to the long weekend cottage parties. We provide music or sound systems to help the guest get their gruve on.


Dexter's Music i Happy to work with your committie to help you reach you Goal.

Wedding Receptions

We help make memmories. Contact us today

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