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Disc Jockey Services

Disc Jockey's

Our DJ's have experience playing for many different types of events. All use professional equipment and have a large selection of music.

Wedding Reception Dance Party

Disc Jockey service for the dance portion of the reception.


Wedding Reception Dinner and Dance

We can provide services starting at 6:00 pm. Background music during dinner, tech support during speeches then DJ music for dancing till 1:00 am.


Ceremony System

We can provide PA system for your use during the ceremony.


Ceremony Package

This package includes PA system with an operator, delivery, setup, monitored and tear down.


Dance Parties

We cater to all events large or small. We meet with you to assist in the planning of services and enhancements we can provide so your event is a big success.

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Karaoke Plus

Karaoke Plus parties We can provide different packages of your event. From small self operated packages to large setup with hosts for fundraising events to nightclubs and pubs.

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